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Katya Echazarreta makes history by being the first Hispanic woman to venture into outer space. This is an unfathomable accomplishment for a girl who was just trying to keep her family financially afloat nearly 10 years ago. Echazarretta was the breadwinner in her family by working multiple jobs and attending school. She never gave up on her dreams and fought hard to achieve them by overcoming obstacles. When a teacher notified 7-year-old Echazarreta that she might have to be held back a grade. Echazarretta stated in an Instagram interview, "It just really fueled me, and I think ever since then, ever since the third grade, I kind of just went off and have not stopped."

June 05, 2022, the same girl who nearly got held back at school now finds herself being handpicked from a thousand applicants by a non-profit organization named Space for Humanity to go into outer space. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Create your own reality! #ReachBeyond #Highflier #Space

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