I have been interning at Saggio Technology for almost two months. During the work, I learned a lot about marketing, including making posters and drafting social media postings. Initially, I didn't have much marketing experience and rarely edited pictures and videos, but luckily Mr. Ford helped me patiently. Mr. Ford is very friendly and responsible. He arrives early for every online meeting and cares about every intern. He encourages innovation and provides constructive comments on our work. He encourages teamwork and is always ready to help. During several online sessions, he explained some social media marketing concepts to groups and encouraged everyone to talk about their understanding. For me, Mr. Ford is not only a great leader but also a good friend. It is a huge honor to work with him. In addition, my colleagues are also helpful and willing to communicate. I have also learned a lot from them. Working at Saggio Technology is relaxing and rewarding, I really enjoyed the company culture and environment.


Working at Saggio Technology was a tremendous confidence boost for my career. The environment was energetic, friendly, and supportive. I highly recommend this internship for people who are wanting to get their feet wet in the marketing field. It truly is the best way to get into the field. You will leave the internship will marketing knowledge and connections with other marketing people like yourself! I have learned about creating content, social media knowledge, and writing captivating captions. I developed leadership, creative writing, organization, and graphic design skills. Be sure to ask questions and be willing to communicate! I am very grateful for my time here. This is a great place to start your journey as a marketer.


I enjoyed working as an intern for Saggio Technology. It has a diverse and inclusive environment. Some of my roles were working with other interns to create social media content (flyers, posts, polls) through means of graphic design and to initiate new ideas for marketing the company resources and services. Collaborating with fellow inters on a marketing and sales project which involved creating surveys (general, sensitive and demographic questions) to oversee marketing and potential sales metrics for the company and to collate data through potential hypothesis testing. I also created a SWOT analysis with my partner as part of said project along with MDP/MRP mapping. I also designed a presentation to highlight key aspects of the internship for incoming Interns. I truly enjoyed how we as interns we learnt so much from one another and endorsed each other after working with one another. This was my first Internship in the US, and I will relish the time I spent.


Saggio technology really is such an amazing company. I was lucky enough to be able to have an internship at this company and I was taught so much! Everyone is so helpful and nice. This company in such a small amount of time has made me feel safe, secure and at home. Working with them was the best experience I have ever had. Anyone would be very lucky to work with them.


I have had an amazing time at Saggio Technology. The teams that I worked with greatly improved my skills and I have gained multiple new connections in the marketing field. Throughout this position, I have grown in all my social media profiles and made remarkable improvements to my resume. This internship is a wonderful way to start your career and I couldn't have imagined going anywhere else! Saggio Technologies is unlike any other company I've seen, as they personalize your experience to get the most out of it. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting experience in marketing and social media management!


Working for Saggio Technology gives you a great insight for your future job. The process is very simple; apply on handshake, hand in your resume, you will with speak one of their leaders, wait to see if you qualify. The interview process was more comfortable than any other interview you will get. They really want to know about you as a person rather than just being a cog in machine. A business such as theirs, show they care for their people. When starting the internship, expect to work in teams with people who have great ideas to expand your creativity and knowledge through a marketing lens. The internship won't last long, but you'd wish it did, because of the amazing connections you made throughout your time working for Saggio. They are the best!


I am a marketing intern at Saggio Technology, and I highly recommend this internship to anyone who wants hands on experience in marketing. Through my time here, I have learned how to market on various social media sites. Every day is a fun day with a stress-free environment. In addition, I have developed not only as a marketer but also as a creative. I am very grateful for this opportunity.


My name is Michael Soroka, I am a student at the University of New Hampshire and I was an intern for Saggio Technology in Summer of 2022. I can honestly say Saggio Technology's internship program helped me enter the world of marketing in a relaxed and fun environment. Dan was an incredible lead to follow and creating social media content was always done to express yourself, not a deadline that had to be met. I met incredible team members, worked with students from across the country, and further enhanced my knowledge within the marketing world. I would recommend an internship at Saggio Technology to anyone!


The past 10 weeks as a summer Intern have been invaluable and extremely gratifying. I have learned a lot about marketing, but I have also been able to learn and work with some brilliant and motivated Interns. I have gained so much experience and knowledge from this program about working, storytelling, and content creation, additionally I have learned about networking, business operations and relations. The internship has a collaborative and innovative environment and I have been guided through this internship by both my fellow interns and Dan Ford the founder of the internship program. Dan has created a comprehensive internship that benefits Interns for their hard work. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in marketing, business, or content creation.


Saggio Technology's internship program fosters a creative and supportive environment, with plenty of room to showcase your skill set. Many of the projects are focused around social media, including ways to create content, graphic design, and generating impressions. Dan, the manager of the group, helps out a lot and loves to take on and grow new ideas if you have them. The experience is absolutely incredible and fulfilling. I highly recommend applying if you would like to learn more about marketing!