I must begin by expressing that this internship with Saggio Technology as a video marketer has far surpassed all my expectations. From the very first meeting with Dan, our site supervisor, I knew I had landed in a truly remarkable and welcoming environment that has encouraged my personal growth in numerous ways. Dan's exceptional qualities as a mentor have made this experience even more rewarding. He tirelessly works to ensure the comfort and well-being of his interns, values our feedback, and genuinely wants to see us succeed.

The opportunity to create and edit videos has been an incredibly enjoyable experience, and to my delight, I have been granted a level of creative freedom beyond what I initially imagined in an internship. Notably, I have also been able to explore other areas, such as crafting engaging social media posts, and even ventured into developing my own ideas, successfully executing them with whole-hearted support from Dan. These newly acquired skills have instilled in me a newfound confidence that I eagerly anticipate applying in the future.

One aspect that sets this internship apart for me is the freedom and flexibility it offers in terms of working hours. Having the autonomy to choose when and how long I want to work has been a true blessing, as it allows me to balance my responsibilities and interests effectively. The information provided throughout the internship has been presented in a clear and organized manner, making it easy to follow. In the rare instances where I encountered confusion, Dan promptly addressed my questions, ensuring I had a complete understanding of the tasks at hand.

In conclusion, my experience with this internship has been nothing short of wonderful, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a rewarding and enriching opportunity. The support, guidance, and creative space offered have made this journey truly unforgettable, and I am immensely grateful for the valuable skills and experiences I have gained.

Hope Roberts

My experience interning at Saggio Technology was truly pivotal in both my personal and professional life. Dan is a remarkable leader and mentor, and from the very second I met him during my interview all the way to the end of the internship, he was extremely supportive and enthusiastic throughout every aspect of this program. This internship is perfect for anyone looking to get hands-on experience in the various roles they have to offer, in a stress-free yet lively environment. You will create so many long-lasting connections and gain indispensable knowledge to be successful in your future pursuits!

Angelina Lanni

In the past few months, my role as an AI Marketing Intern at Saggio has equipped me with a comprehensive array of skills and knowledge that I am confident will significantly contribute to my future career pursuits. The experience has proven to be of immense value, leaving an enduring imprint on both my personal and professional growth. I am genuinely grateful for the profound impact that Saggio has had on shaping my journey.

At the very core of this internship was to enhance the company's brand visibility. This involved the dynamic task of consistently curating captivating and innovative content across social media platforms. Through this endeavor, I had the opportunity to utilize Canva designs, understand graphics, and differentiate the nuanced structural elements that impact social media posts.

Beyond the technical aspects, this internship prompted me to explore my artistic abilities, enabling me to design content that not only resonated with the audience but also effectively conveyed the essence of the brand. This process consisted of conceptualizing thematic narratives, crafting of compelling captions, and selecting color palettes and images. These efforts not only served the purpose of promoting the company, but also allowed me to add onto my personal portfolio.

Yet, what truly stood out was the remarkable mentorship and guidance that were integrated into this internship experience. Engaging in collaborative settings allowed me to not only contribute my ideas but also to gain profound insights into my strengths and areas that need growth. After being paired with an editor, I was able to increase my attention to detail, which inspired me to stretch the boundaries of my creativity.

All in all, my internship at Saggio Technology has been an amazing experience. It has granted me the opportunity to harness my skills and embrace creative risks. Behind me I was backed by unwavering support of the team. The sense of community within Saggio consistently uplifted and motivated us all to strive for excellence, as each individual contribution serves as a stepping stone towards collective success. As I reflect on my time at Saggio, I'm filled with deep appreciation knowing that this experience has left an incredible mark on my professional journey.

Ye Rim Ryoo

My internship at Saggio Technology was a memorable experience which was full of learnings. As an international student facing tough job market conditions, I was fortunate to secure this opportunity where I could apply my marketing analytics skills gained during my master's program in the United States. The marketing-centric nature of the internship perfectly aligned with my career goals. The weekly mentorship meetings with Dan were invaluable in my growth throughout the internship. His one-on-one guidance significantly enhanced my performance from the start to the end of the internship program. What made the internship even more engaging were the quests, games, and ranks that fostered healthy competition while promoting communication and collaboration among fellow interns. As a member of the marketing team, I wholeheartedly recommend Saggio Technology to anyone seeking marketing opportunities without hesitation. It's a remarkable company that truly cares about its interns.

Mehak Goel

It has been an honor to be an Editor Intern for Saggio Technology this summer. Thanks to our supervisor, Dan, the internship space (albeit virtual) is welcoming, energetic, and open to fresh ideas or suggestions. During weekly meetings, the environment is always positive, as praising each other and the students we edit for each week is crucial to our periodic check-ins. Specifically to my responsibilities as an Editor Intern, by editing social media posts for eight social media interns every week, I have honed my writing skills and been inspired by the creative material my students presented to me. I was so moved that I even made posts of my own as time allowed and discovered that I enjoy editing photos and writing captions for social media, giving me valuable insight into a new type of job I might pursue in the future. I never would have realized that I enjoy writing for social media if it weren’t for my experience with Saggio. I will miss my time here once the summer is over, but I know the connections I’ve made and the experience I’ve gained will remain long after the ten weeks are up.

Sarah Kueking

If I had to choose one thing I liked the most about interning with Saggio Technology, I would pick the friendly, approachable work culture of the company. Intern feedback is valued and welcomed here. If you have an idea, the odds are that it can be implemented or at least seriously considered. I could tell right away that I would like working here because everyone was so friendly. Quests - side tasks we can do in addition to our regular tasks - were a cool part of the internship too. There were various categories of quests to choose from, and we were encouraged to try new things that we might not be good at yet. Gaining experience in the job you applied for and getting opportunities to try new things make this internship a great learning opportunity. Interning at Saggio has taught me the value of a positive work environment and encouraged me to try new things. If you asked me if you should apply for an internship here, I would say absolutely.

Bethany Houser

My time thus far at Saggio Technology has been an amazing growth experience for me both as a student and a person! I have enjoyed being able to work at my own pace while continuously being challenged to improve my skill set at the same time. The internship is definitely what you put into it, though. Many of the assignments designed to challenge students outside the regular workload are optional. So, you have to want to step outside your comfort zone. I personally enjoy this format as it allows me to work harder when I am in a productive mood and then do a little less work when I am having an off day.

Dan, the man in charge of all Saggio internships, is another reason the internship is so great. Dan constantly uplifts everyone around him. He is humble, kind, and generous. He constantly encourages every intern to be the best version of himself possible. Nate is an extremely hard-working person who always wants the best for everyone around him. I have no doubt that Nate will do an amazing job and continue to improve the internship for years to come!

Finally, the schedule of the internship is, in my opinion, the optimal setup. For the editor internship, we meet once a week on Mondays for 1 hour. This is the time when we praise people we feel have done well in the past week, discuss the statistics of Saggio's social media platforms, and hear any important announcements for the coming week. There is also a 30-minute optional meeting on Wednesdays designed for interns to be able to pop in and ask any questions they have regarding the internship. Other than those two structured meetings, interns are left to their own devices to get their work done in a timely manner. This internship is very much like a job environment, which I absolutely love. I will forever be grateful to Dan and Saggio Technology for this amazing experience they have given me

Jeanette Healy

This internship has been a fantastic journey and a great way to gain valuable experience. As an editing intern, I've enjoyed working with fellow interns to edit their posts and watch them grow as writers. It's also been great to work with the other editing interns, and I can say that I've made friends along the way.

Saggio Technology has been an incredibly welcoming team, making this internship fly by. If I ever needed help or clarification, my mentor, Daniel Ford, was more than willing to help. Nathanael Planalp, a fellow intern and rising mentor, has also been a great help on many occasions. The team-focused atmosphere the two fostered was inspiring and made everyone feel at ease.

Overall, this internship has given me experience in the editing and writing world and has also given me a glimpse into professional marketing. I've enjoyed getting to know professionals in the business and the opportunity to build my resume and connections. Learning how to have professional meetings and interactions with others was very valuable, and I've enjoyed working on quests to better Saggio as a whole.

Although the editing internship is new to Saggio Technology, it felt like a very established position. I loved working with Dan and my fellow editor interns to determine what this role entails. I honestly couldn't ask for a better learning experience.

Dan was more than willing to adapt the internship as the weeks went by to better the experience for the current editors and future interns. His willingness to accept feedback and incorporate new ideas was terrific, leading to a better overall experience.

I loved getting to know the writers whose work I've edited, which was possible because of the suggestions of my fellow editors and Dan's enthusiasm for trying these recommendations. Overall, I wouldn't change anything about this internship, and I hope that Saggio's adaptability stays the same for future interns!

The best piece of advice that I would share about this experience is to ask! Ask those questions, even if you're only mildly unsure–Dan and Nate are more than willing to help. Ask about taking on extra work or projects–Saggio would love to have the help, and the experience you'll gain can only help you! Ask about making changes or tweaks to how things are done–they'll gladly hear you out and adjust where needed!

This internship provides a fun and friendly environment where you and your fellow interns can thrive and grow. Don't be afraid to ask those questions! You'll gain even more valuable experience, making this internship even more enjoyable for everyone. Enjoy the ride, and don't be afraid to be yourself because working for Saggio is like joining the family.

Shelby Deal

Working this summer as a content writer for Saggio Technology has been a wonderful experience. Not only has it offered a nice boost for my resumé, but it has also widened my skill set in the marketing field. Before I started this internship my primary focus was writing, but now I also have a solid foundation of graphic design knowledge as well.

Additionally, it has been incredibly rewarding to be a part of Saggio as a whole. Everyone is so friendly, and I always leave my interactions feeling very proud of the work that I am doing. I also feel incredibly supported through my mentorship meetings and by other interns in the program. The whole environment of the internship program is very welcoming, and I always feel there is room to ask questions, make suggestions, and explore my creative impulses.

Anna Kein

It’s rare to find an internship where you feel truly cared for, but my experience with Saggio was one of them. Here, I was able to embrace my creativity and use it to make social media posts for the company’s social pages. It was genuinely fun to work at Saggio, writing up posts, and creating images to not only be used by myself but by other interns in the future. If you’re looking for an awesome internship, Saggio is one of the best you could ever work at!

Richard Preston

During the summer of 2023, I was accepted into the Social Media Content Creator internship at Saggio Technology. Initially, I felt a bit nervous, but the internship quickly became highly enjoyable. It provided me with the opportunity to refine my skills and expand my network by interacting with fellow interns. Similarly, I honed my writing abilities by crafting captions that complemented my graphics.

One of the most notable aspects of this internship was its flexible hours. Saggio's internships are entirely remote, rendering them accessible to individuals regardless of their geographical location. Additionally, we had the autonomy to generate posts encompassing a wide array of topics. Overall, my internship was an immensely gratifying experience, and I had the privilege of benefiting from Dan's excellent mentorship.

Emelia Houser

I have really enjoyed my time here at Saggio. It has been beneficial not just for the company, but also for me. The base of my internship has been in creating Social Media content, as a Content Writing intern I focus specifically on captions. Often I collaborate with other interns to produce the end-product of a Social Media post. Obviously these are used to market the company, but the posts themselves are also good additions to my professional portfolio. In this way I have a sort of mutualistic relationship with the company.

But it isn't just the posts that are a benefit to me. Honestly, the experience of working at Saggio has taught me how I like to work, and what I should expect in a professional setting. I've learned that I like to work collaboratively, but I can't do it all the time. Especially if I 'm working on an idea of my own, I like to work independently. This experience isn't some sort of byproduct either, it is the goal of Saggio to help their interns grow. Which I have benefited from, and really respect.

Kieran Berryman

Interning at Saggio Technology has given me the freedom to use my talents, hone my skills, and take creative risks in a remarkably supportive environment. Not to sound cliché, but I have learned something new everyday here! In just a few weeks, I have expanded my knowledge in social media marketing, developed my skills as a writer, and gained real-life experience in online advertising. Our supervisor, Dan, works tirelessly to make the interns at Saggio feel valued as individuals. He establishes an enthusiastic, comfortable atmosphere and actively shows his appreciation for the work that we do. This internship has given me the opportunity to collaborate and connect with incredibly talented people. There is a powerful sense of community amongst the interns, as uplifting each other is a huge part of what it means to be a member of the Saggio team. I have consistently felt inspired by my fellow interns and the work that they produce. This experience has been deeply rewarding and exceeded my expectations!

Cas Ficklin

My experience at Saggio Technology has been riveting. I originally wanted to do photography but when I got to the interview I had no idea they also had videography/video marketing and I’m a media major so I really wanted to do that as well. Dan immediately said that I could do both and I was ecstatic to be able to contribute to both departments. Along my journey, I’ve had help readily when I needed it, been given tons of guidance, as well as great critiques on how to perfect my work for the company. I even met the CEO! Which was amazing in itself, but I can tell that he’s incredibly passionate about his company, his employees and helping others. Knowing that the people who are a part of Saggio technology love their job, makes me love creating work for them more. I’m incredibly busy and a remote internship was perfect for me. I tried 2 other internships but there was always a problem with the company’s credibility or that they were not kind. I think I hit the jackpot with Saggio. I think I could write a few pages of how I feel about the company and I still am not through with my internship. I will just say that I’ve had a great time learning and getting experience in video and photography that will push me forward to new experiences and opportunities.

Danny Jack

What a pleasure it is to find an exceptional organization willing to wholeheartedly extend truly remarkable opportunities to explore individual creativity!  Saggio Technology is a safe, encouraging and upbeat working environment that will no doubt inform future career ventures.

Krissy Edge

Being an intern at Saggio has been one of the best experiences. I honestly could not have asked for a better internship. Upon taking this internship, I wasn't sure what to expect considering it's remote, but to my pleasant surprise, I've never felt more welcomed and close to the people I work with. Not only is the company a fantastic one to work for, but the people are all incredibly kind and creative. This internship allows for creativity to shine and has inspired me in many artistic ways. Not only has this internship been a pleasurable and fun work environment, but it's also given me the opportunity to gain experience in a field that I would love to work in after graduating. I've realized that content creation is a job that I'm really passionate about, which is something I've learned about myself through this internship. Working for Saggio doesn't even feel like work, and it has made me excited for my future.

Brianna Lancellotti

I doing internship in Saggio Technology. Here I can use all my creativity to make social media posts and put forward related descriptions. No need to worry about making mistakes. The supervisor is really friendly, and he will provide guidelines and support when needed.

Edward Zhang

At our core here at Saggio Technology, we believe that being a giver is not just a way to live, but the way to live. Therefore, we desire to give students a REAL opportunity to learn and develop through our internships. This is not a “go fetch me coffee” type of internship. Instead, our goal is to provide a fun, engaging, team-spirit work setting while offering a constructive environment that leaves plenty of room for personal- and professional growth. We do that by offering unpaid 100% remote internships for our young people across the entire US. These include social media, content creation, content writing, and video marketing. They are offered in Spring, Summer, and Fall, and require a 10-hour-a-week commitment.

At Saggio, we don’t micromanage. These young potentials will learn about what they are interested in, which creates an open-world platform with a boundless variety of opportunities. Our desire is for students to explore marketing with guidance yet with freedom.

As an intern halfway through the internship, I’ve had time to reflect on the experience and been able to explore some great things about Saggio. What I love the most about this internship is that it’s very broad, giving us the time and opportunity to explore different aspects of our area of interest. We can create, write, edit, and much more in so many different ways. Throughout my time here at Saggio, I have done video- and picture editing, graphic design, and a ton of writing. I truly love the variety of tasks we get approach because it has allowed me to learn about so much, rather than learn about a specific thing, which in turn, has expanded my sense of multitasking.

The second thing I enjoy about this internship is that we get both team-work and individual work. Since we’re not being micromanaged, we get the chance to decide whether we want to work in teams or individually, which leaves great room for personal growth, as well as professional growth.

Although there are many other things that I like about this internship, I am going to let some of the other interns express their thoughts and opinions about what they enjoy the most about it.

Alessia Hagg

I love how we work with interns from many other states it helps bring in different ideas, cultures, and backgrounds! Whether working alone or in a team having little to no supervision is my favorite because it gives us the space to really tap into our creative abilities and allows the freedom to let our minds produce some one-of-a-kind innovative and artistic work! We are allowed to explore outside the box of what normal companies would keep you in!

Krystal Cutler

Collaborating with these talented people brings me back every week! I just love creating something so special with an amazing group.

Camryn Johnson

I like how open ended the position. I can basically manage myself, which really alleviates any pressure!

Dominic Shippoli

I enjoy the creative freedom we have when making content and being able to collaborate with other interns on projects!

Conor Sakson

Having the ability to focus on our own work every day has been really exciting. Also being around the awesome people I’ve been able to meet while interning at Saggio Technology is one of the reasons why I love working here!

Ben Shultz

The fall internship at Saggio Technology has been a precious real-world experience I will never forget. I have had the pleasure of working with wonderfully creative people, which has helped boost my creativity levels and strive to think outside the box. In addition, the influence and direction that Dan Ford has given is an integral part of this internship program. Each day, I had the opportunity to work on different projects. I was provided with constructive feedback that only helped me to be a better content writer and creator. I have the utmost respect for this company, and what they have done for my career going forward will never be forgotten.

Rhonda Trammell

Working as an intern at Saggio Technology has been one of my most valuable experiences in college. Currently, I am in the position of content writer. This means I create and design social media posts while improving my creative writing skills. I have learned so much about social media content design that I previously did not know, and this new knowledge will likely help me in my post-graduation career. Additionally, I have collaborated with other interns who have taught me a lot about graphic design, which I would love to keep learning more about! Most importantly, this internship position at Saggio Technology has helped me learn about writing outside of academia. I have written countless papers in college, but I have learned the most about writing in the real world during this internship. Working for Saggio Technology has been a fantastic experience for my final semester of college!

Megan Gockley

My time with Saggio has been great! You hear a lot of different things about internships, so coming into this I had no idea what to expect. From the start I could tell I was going to enjoy this internship. The interview process was very thorough and I gained a pretty good understanding of what I’d be doing so nothing would catch me by surprise. On my first day I loved the environment immediately. We were encouraged to connect on LinkedIn and we also did an exercise that allowed us to get familiar with each other. I love stepping into an environment like this because it makes everything easier. We proceeded to go through the schedule and we got to work. Dan makes it clear what he wants but he also provides a laid back, fun work environment; which I feel if possible all companies should do. I think by doing that it has allowed my peers and I to create some very creative and great pieces of “art” (basically what we are creating). I am very thankful for the connections I have made and the knowledge I have gained! This was a great experience and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Myles Nard

My name is Brayden Moorhead, I am Senior at Westfield State University located in Westfield, Massachusetts. I am a business management major with a concentration in marketing. I enjoy digital marketing and I am thinking about gearing my interests towards the analytics side of the field. I began interning at Saggio Technology at the start of my Fall semester, which began in September of 2022. Overall, I would argue that my experience has been great. I feel much more knowledgeable in my field of study, met intelligent students with similar interests as mine, and I was provided with insight to what I like best about the field of marketing and what I do not like best. What I really enjoyed out of the program was the atmosphere, which not only Dan did a fantastic job of anticipating but the determination of the students pushed me to put my best foot forward. I will never forget how dedicated the students behind Saggio Sam were to really put out brilliant content, this not only served a purpose for me to work harder and appreciate my team but did so for all interns as well. Giving back segments were a fantastic way for the students to get a visual of how important remaining active on social media is to grow a following. The schedule imbeds time for praise, success videos, training, and giving back. I feel as if all of these were essential to the success of the students and should remain in place to provide a strong work ethic amongst the interns. The only downfall I can think of regarding the program would be the Microsoft Teams platform used. Teams seemed to have a lot of technology issues frequently and would sometimes kick me out of the meetings. It may be beneficial if the company looked into utilizing Zoom because in my experience, I rarely have issues when using it. However platforms are essentially a personal preference.

Brayden Moorhead

Saggio Technology was a great space for me to develop my talents in technical writing while simultaneously helping to spark the creative mindset that I frequently lacked. Dan, the guide for the internship, supported me along the way and allowed me to pursue what I believed would be beneficial for the future of the company and myself as a growing employee. The type of freedom that I received at Saggio Technology provided me with the confidence to branch out and take on types of projects and deliverables that I typically would not have associated with or become accustomed to. The established work environment also gave interns the opportunity to collaborate on projects and meaningful ways to improve the company's image, which were valuable experiences for all parties involved. Overall, I believe that I was able to grow as an employee tremendously and work on my skills due to my time spent at Saggio, and I am grateful that I was able to have such an experience.

Andrew Errante

I have had an amazing time at Saggio Technology. The teams that I worked with greatly improved my skills and I have gained multiple new connections in the marketing field. Throughout this position, I have grown in all my social media profiles and made remarkable improvements to my resume. This internship is a wonderful way to start your career and I couldn't have imagined going anywhere else! Saggio Technologies is unlike any other company I've seen, as they personalize your experience to get the most out of it. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting experience in marketing and social media management!


Working for Saggio Technology gives you a great insight for your future job. The process is very simple; apply on handshake, hand in your resume, you will with speak one of their leaders, wait to see if you qualify. The interview process was more comfortable than any other interview you will get. They really want to know about you as a person rather than just being a cog in machine. A business such as theirs, show they care for their people. When starting the internship, expect to work in teams with people who have great ideas to expand your creativity and knowledge through a marketing lens. The internship won't last long, but you'd wish it did, because of the amazing connections you made throughout your time working for Saggio. They are the best!


I am a marketing intern at Saggio Technology, and I highly recommend this internship to anyone who wants hands on experience in marketing. Through my time here, I have learned how to market on various social media sites. Every day is a fun day with a stress-free environment. In addition, I have developed not only as a marketer but also as a creative. I am very grateful for this opportunity.


My name is Michael Soroka, I am a student at the University of New Hampshire and I was an intern for Saggio Technology in Summer of 2022. I can honestly say Saggio Technology's internship program helped me enter the world of marketing in a relaxed and fun environment. Dan was an incredible lead to follow and creating social media content was always done to express yourself, not a deadline that had to be met. I met incredible team members, worked with students from across the country, and further enhanced my knowledge within the marketing world. I would recommend an internship at Saggio Technology to anyone!


The past 10 weeks as a summer Intern have been invaluable and extremely gratifying. I have learned a lot about marketing, but I have also been able to learn and work with some brilliant and motivated Interns. I have gained so much experience and knowledge from this program about working, storytelling, and content creation, additionally I have learned about networking, business operations and relations. The internship has a collaborative and innovative environment and I have been guided through this internship by both my fellow interns and Dan Ford the founder of the internship program. Dan has created a comprehensive internship that benefits Interns for their hard work. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in marketing, business, or content creation.


Saggio Technology's internship program fosters a creative and supportive environment, with plenty of room to showcase your skill set. Many of the projects are focused around social media, including ways to create content, graphic design, and generating impressions. Dan, the manager of the group, helps out a lot and loves to take on and grow new ideas if you have them. The experience is absolutely incredible and fulfilling. I highly recommend applying if you would like to learn more about marketing!


I have been interning at Saggio Technology for almost two months. During the work, I learned a lot about marketing, including making posters and drafting social media postings. Initially, I didn't have much marketing experience and rarely edited pictures and videos, but luckily Mr. Ford helped me patiently. Mr. Ford is very friendly and responsible. He arrives early for every online meeting and cares about every intern. He encourages innovation and provides constructive comments on our work. He encourages teamwork and is always ready to help. During several online sessions, he explained some social media marketing concepts to groups and encouraged everyone to talk about their understanding. For me, Mr. Ford is not only a great leader but also a good friend. It is a huge honor to work with him. In addition, my colleagues are also helpful and willing to communicate. I have also learned a lot from them. Working at Saggio Technology is relaxing and rewarding, I really enjoyed the company culture and environment.


Working at Saggio Technology was a tremendous confidence boost for my career. The environment was energetic, friendly, and supportive. I highly recommend this internship for people who are wanting to get their feet wet in the marketing field. It truly is the best way to get into the field. You will leave the internship will marketing knowledge and connections with other marketing people like yourself! I have learned about creating content, social media knowledge, and writing captivating captions. I developed leadership, creative writing, organization, and graphic design skills. Be sure to ask questions and be willing to communicate! I am very grateful for my time here. This is a great place to start your journey as a marketer.


I enjoyed working as an intern for Saggio Technology. It has a diverse and inclusive environment. Some of my roles were working with other interns to create social media content (flyers, posts, polls) through means of graphic design and to initiate new ideas for marketing the company resources and services. Collaborating with fellow inters on a marketing and sales project which involved creating surveys (general, sensitive and demographic questions) to oversee marketing and potential sales metrics for the company and to collate data through potential hypothesis testing. I also created a SWOT analysis with my partner as part of said project along with MDP/MRP mapping. I also designed a presentation to highlight key aspects of the internship for incoming Interns. I truly enjoyed how we as interns we learnt so much from one another and endorsed each other after working with one another. This was my first Internship in the US, and I will relish the time I spent.


Saggio technology really is such an amazing company. I was lucky enough to be able to have an internship at this company and I was taught so much! Everyone is so helpful and nice. This company in such a small amount of time has made me feel safe, secure and at home. Working with them was the best experience I have ever had. Anyone would be very lucky to work with them.